When I think of southern California, I think of a palm tree or a pier along a coastal city.  Having moved to California from the Midwest, my artistic inspirations were drawn to the bright colors of the sunsets along the coast. My paintings tend to showcase many vibrant colors, highlighting the sky against the silhouette of a pier or a tree line. Each pier is unique, and defined by its structural materials and features. In these works you can depict where the piers are based on their outline. 

Artist Nichole McDaniel creating a piece of Heisler Park, Laguna Beach, California


Artist Nichole McDaniel Hand Cut Silhouette of Laguna Beach, California


Artist Nichole McDaniel, “Endless Pier” Scripps Pier, La Jolla, California
Artist Nichole McDaniel working on painting “Treasure Found” (Treasure Island, Laguna Beach, California)


"Winter Dunes" 40x30 Mixed Media on Canvas


"Ignited Skies" 60x36 Mixed Media on Wood Panel

"Ignited Skies" 60x36 Mixed Media on Wood Panel