Commissions Inquiries

I’m so excited to love my work! Although I have many great pieces in my collection you might find yourself looking for something specific that I don’t have. This is when the option of commissioning a custom piece might be the right solution for you.

Are you looking for a meaningful location that you have visited to be captured forever in a unique way? Trying to fill that space in your home with the perfect piece? I can do custom sizes. Let’s get started creating something amazing together. Give me a general idea of what you are looking for by filling out the form below. Then I can get back to you with pricing options and any further questions I may have.

This process can seem intimating but honestly I think it is exciting getting to create something with someone and help them envision the possibilities! Let’s see our vision come to life.

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Excited to find out more information my new Commission!
Commissions usually take 4-6 weeks. Is there a specific date you need you piece completed by?

Looking forward to creating something unique and special to you. I only accept a select number of commissions, because I am always busy with the galleries and new projects. If you found me through the gallery please contact them for priority, the pricing options and process are the same.