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Super Moon Adventures in New York City

You never know what can happen under a full moon, let alone the Super Moon in New York City. 

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After taking the redeye from LAX to JFK we grab our checked bags and a coffee that we are in dyer need of. Already feeling the excitement of NYC I didn't really sleep on the plane.

As the taxi takes us through the Suburbs it reminds me of back home in the Midwest. Fall is in full swing with beautiful colors and the crisp air is a little shocking but refreshing. 

Priories first... check into hotel, food and mimosa (or a blini in my case). We just missed breakfast but had a lovely lunch at a little place called Friedman's just around the corner from our hotel. 

I have a lovely Grilled Cheese Sandwich on ciabatta stuffed with aged gruyere, white cheddar, and caramelized onions served with Tomato Soup. 


After getting some work done Andrea and I freshened up to venture out. Being that I want to continue my Cityscapes capturing the vibe of the city, the Brooklyn Bridge was at the top of my list. We made our way to the subway and got off in front of New York City Hall. Not knowing the city and having not been here since my freshman year of high school, makes everything more exciting. A couple blocks later we make our way to the bridge.


A couple quick facts...

The bridge opened in 1883 and took over 14 years to construct.

More than two dozen people died during the building process. 

Each day more than 3,100 cyclists and 4,000 pedestrians cross.

Total length is 5,989 ft and width is 85 ft, and stands 276.5 ft above the water.

The city is bustling, locals are annoyed with tourists stopping and taking photos I am sure, but the views are more amazing with every step we take on the bridge. It's a cloudy day so my sunset photos weren't happening but the glow of the city in the distance starts to light up as the sun goes down. The history, beauty and iconic views of the city make this walk across the bridge surreal. I recommend it for everyone. 

We take a short walk through Brooklyn venturing towards a little place called The River Cafe. The views are stunning looking across the East River. With the Brooklyn Bridge highlighting the water and sky and the cityscape aglow showcasing the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, and Statue of Liberty make you proud to be an resilient American.  

We were fortunate enough to grab a drink at the River Cafe but their dinner menu looked amazing. Would be perfect place to impress any date (jacket required after 4pm gents, also make a reservation).  

River Cafe

After watching water taxis we decided to grab coffee and take one across. Not realizing there were two options we take one to downtown. After looking at the map we venture a few blocks towards the New York Stock Exchange for a photo op. and not minding the cute men in suits. Lol. Sorry couldn't help it. 

A friend of mine invited us to a party to view the Super Moon at his penthouse in TriBeCa so we decided to find a dinner spot in that direction. 

Tribeca Grill

We ended up sitting at the bar and our Bartender Tom took great care of us at TriBeCa Grill. We enjoyed a glass or two :) of white wine along with Arugula & Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, Steak Tartare which included Red Chili, Capers, Cured Egg, and finished by splitting the Pappardelle which was Tom's suggestion (great suggestion). The meal and wine were perfect after the adventure we already had. 

The clouds were out and covering the moon as we made our way to my friends place. We immediately made fast friends over art, business and Rose Prosecco. My friend Steven was a gracious host and it was awesome to see his stunning art in person. Checkout his work or follow him on Instagram @swancoatart  His vibrant pop art and astrological photography is brilliant. With the telescope out on the terrace we check periodically to view the moon peaking out through the clouds. 

Although it was a cloudy Super Moon for us it was a magical first night in the Big Apple.

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